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Hammock Shop Questions & Answers

How do I clean my hammock?

Lay your hammock out on a hard surface such as a drive way or picnic table. Scrub it thoroughly with a mild detergent. Do not use any type of chlorine bleach, for it will weaken the fibers. After you have scrubbed your hammock gently, hang it up and rinse thoroughly. Let your hammock dry completely before storage.

How do I install/ hang my hammock?

You will first need to determine where you would like to hang your hammock. You may want to use two trees, posts, or even hang it on a porch. You need to make sure that the space that you decide to use is 18" greater than the overall length of your hammock. The wooden surface that you decide to use should be at least 6" in diameter, and suitable enough to support the hammock. After you have determined these things, you will need to follow these steps:
  1. Drill a 3/16" pilot hole 1" deep at each hanging point on the wooden surface approximately 5' to 6' above the ground.
  2. Screw a hammock hook (screw-eye hook) in each of the pilot holes that you have drilled. Be sure that it is screwed in completely to the wood and that the eye is snug against the mounting location. Do not overtighten the screw once it is securely embedded.
  3. Place your chains on each of the hammock hooks. You nay need to adjust them later depending on how high you wish to hang your hammock and depending on the stretching of your hammock as it ages.
  4. Now you can hang your hammock. Place the rings connected to either end of your hammock to the s-hook connected to your chains. Be sure that your hammock is not upside down. The name plate should be facing upward.
  5. Enjoy many long hours and sunny days in your hammock!!
Installation of Posts for Your Hammock...
  1. Each post should be 4" x 6" x 9' long. Dig two holes about 10" in diameter and 3' deep. They should be spaced apart as mentioned above.
  2. You will need 160 lbs. (60kg) of pre-mixed concrete for EACH post. Place the posts in the holes that you have dug with no more than 6' of post extending out of the ground.
  3. Prepare the concrete according to the package directions. Pour 160 lbs. of the mixed concrete into each hole until it reaches ground level. Be sure to pack the concrete to rid any air pockets.
  4. While the concrete is still wet, angle your posts slightly away from the side in which your hammock will hang. After the concrete has set for 24 hrs, then you can mount and use your hammock.

Do you repair your hammocks?

The manufacturer no longer offers any type of repairs. They do offer an inexpensive repair kit that consists of 100ft of rope and an instruction sheet. This can be ordered through them at 1-888-744-4366.

How long will it take for an order to be shipped?

We send the merchandise out within one to two days after receiving your online order - Note that orders with a Ship To name and address that is different from the Bill To name and address may need to be verified and may delay shipping. Our standard shipping is via FedEx Ground but we will ship via FedEx Express (Next Day Air and 2nd Day Air) at your request. Our quoted cost is via Ground - please contact us for the cost of Express shipping. The longest that it takes for an order to ship within the US is about ten business days. If you are located closer to SC then, of course, you will receive your merchandise sooner!

I already have a hammock and would like to reorder the same size...How do I determine which size I have?

There is an oak stretcher at either end of your hammock. If you count the holes in the stretcher it will determine the size. There are either 20 holes, 22 holes, 24 holes, or 26 holes on the Original Pawleys Island Rope Hammocks. The 20 hole is a medium #12. The 22 hole is a large #13. The 24 hole is a deluxe #14. The presidential hammock has 26 holes.

DuraCord hammocks - What are the benefits?

DuraCord has the soft feel of cotton, and the durability like nothing before it. It is colorfast and fade resistant. The color will remain unchanged outdoors. UV stabilization of DuraCard exceeds industry standards for outdoor products. It is stain resistant. It will not rot, mold, or support mildew growth. DuraCord is durable and abrasion resistant. It is quick drying and will not absorb water. This product transports moisture away from the body for a "cooling" effect. This fiber is exclusive to our manufacturer.

Customer Service Return Policy

Money Back Guarantee and Returns If you are not satisfied with an item you simply pay for the shipping to get it back to us within 90 days and we will credit you the amount of the product* The return address is:

The Original Hammock Shop
10880 Ocean Hwy. Bldg. #1
Pawleys Island, SC 29585

Be sure to include a short note with your name and phone number with a brief explanation about the problem so we can contact you regarding your return. You can send back anything you are not happy with within 90 days... no matter what the reason. It does not matter if you changed your mind, if the color you selected clashes with the tulips in your yard, or even if your dog doesn't like what you bought. We will take it back ... smile ... and make you happy. For items sold with a special "free shipping" offer, items that are returned by FedEx for refused delivery or when three delivery attempts are made, we will simply deduct the standard shipping cost from the total credit. Special Shipping If your item had:
  • a special "free shipping" offer or
  • you refused delivery of your order by FedEx or
  • FedEx made 3 delivery attempts and the order was returned to us we will deduct the standard shipping cost from your total credit.
FedEx will always make 3 attempts to deliver your packages to your house. They will leave a note so that you can reach them or sign for your package to be left outside your home. If after 3 attempts, FedEx is not successful in delivering the packages and the packages are sent back to us, the customer will have to pay the full shipping costs (as estimated on the FedEx web site) for reshipment. For refused delivery, actual shipping charges will be deducted from credit made on returned merchandise. Damages Although rare, shipping damage does occur. We will reship the damaged items/parts at no cost to you using the same shipping method used in the first place. We cannot expedite the shipment of a damaged part or item. In the event that your product is damaged during shipping, please contact us immediately. We will work with you to identify and replace the damaged item/items and will submit a claim directly to the shipping company. There is no need for you to contact the shipping company, as you would have been inconvenienced enough already. Product Warranty If there is a manufacturing defect you have a full one year warranty and we will pay for the shipping. If anything we sell you has a defect or flaw... call us and we will have FedEx pick up your package. We only ask that you box the product and get it ready for shipping. Upon examination of the defect you will receive a replacement free of charge. We only ask that you take care of your purchase and use it like it was intended. Proper Care *Prolonged exposure to weather conditions including snow, rain and humidity are not covered under the warranty nor is damage caused by normal wear, mildew, and improper care including storage, maintenance and installation. When left outside in the elements, all hammocks mildew. However, DuraCord is mildew resistant and only the dirt that accumulates on the rope or fabric will actually mildew. Keep your hammock free of dirt and debris.